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In White Plains, Westchester & New York, NY Areas

There are many health conditions that are linked with untreated or undetected mold infiltration in residential or commercial properties. Even mild water damage and seepage can create an environment that is prone to mold growth and destruction. At Exclusive Testing Labs, Inc. we work hard to make sure the job is done right the first time when it comes to our mold testing and remediation services.

Exposure to mold can cause many different health effects to the people in your home. People who are prone to allergies may experience hay fever, asthma, irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, or lungs, even skin issues like rashes and hives can occur. If you are in the White Plains, Westchester & New York, NY areas, it is important that you call us today for mold testing.
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Air Sampling –Our trained technicians use an air sampling device to test for airborne mold spores that may be in the air in your home. To gather an accurate reading, we will set up multiple testing areas around your home, as well as a control sample. We will then send them to our lab to have them analyzed.

Surface Sampling – Using direct lift samples, we can collect visible molds and fungi from around your home, and send them to our lab to have them identified. Through this method we are able to determine the structure and growth patterns of the mold found.

Infrared Imaging Camera- this device can see temperature variances behind the walls, ceilings, and under the floors of your home. With this extremely sensitive device we are able to detect water damage, breaches in insulation, and possible mold colonies that are unseen.

Moisture Meter Testing –Using state of the art technology, we are able to read the tiniest variance of moisture within your walls. Mold will begin to grow and accumulate on surfaces that contain approximately 18-20% moisture (among other factors).

Mold Assessment and Site Inspection –All of our onsite inspectors have completed and EPA Mold Remediation training course. Through our various techniques, our inspectors will identify possible water sources contributing to mold growth, identify areas of growth, perform appropriate sampling, and provide a detailed report and professional recommendations for remediation.


If mold is found in your home, ETL will provide a detailed remediation plan to confront the mold where it starts, eliminate it, and restore your home back to a safe and healthy space. 

As a NYS-DOL licensed firm, Exclusive Testing Labs Inc. will monitor the entire project to ensure that all licensed remediation contractors use the following procedures, along with others, when remediating mold from your home or work space.

Containment –Using a minimum of 6 millimeter plastic sheeting, we will create a double walled barrier between the affected area/areas and the other parts of the home. We will also seal off any and all duct work and vents, all in order to prevent the further spread of mold spores.

Personal Protection Equipment –Protective gear that is worn at all times at the work site, this includes but is not limited to gloves, goggles, HEPA respirators, shoe covers, and disposable coveralls.

Negative Air Pressure –Using a 99.97% HEPA vacuum, we will create within the containment area an environment in which all particles of any size, including microscopic spores and dust particles, fall to the ground.

Air Scrubbing –Using a 99.97% HEPA vacuum with a Micro Trap, we will “scrub” or filter all of the air within the areas in which we work, both during all remediation of mold and microbes and afterwards to ensure that all of the air within the space is clean and free of spores and harmful contaminates. Usually we will scrub the air for three days after the removal of all mold infected materials.

Microban –This is a product that has the ability to kill and clean all molds, fungi, microbes, and bacteria that could be growing on structural surfaces. We use Microban on items such as wall studs, flooring joists, and ceiling trusses. We will also use this product on any surface that is warranted; i.e. – any hard surface that is within the affected containment area and is not being removed through the remediation process.

Anti-Microbial Sealer –After using Microban to safely kill and clean away all active and dead mold colonies and spores growing on surfaces that will not be removed through the remediation process, we will then seal those same areas with an anti-microbial sealer to inhibit the future growth of molds.
Remove any presence of mold in your commercial or residential property with the help of our experts. Please fill out the form below and allow our technicians to get back to you in a timely manner. 

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