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For Westchester County, NY

Since lead-based hazards are very common, the team at Exclusive Testing Labs, Inc. makes it our priority to make your home or office safe once more. Lead was an active ingredient in most indoor and outdoor paints prior to 1978, which makes childhood lead poisoning is extremely common. Lead poisoning is 100% preventable through proper testing and abatement practices.

Lead Dust Clearance Testing –Multiple dust samples are taken from each room within the home to test for traces of lead in the dust. Samples are taken from around the window areas and from the floor. The samples are then processed in the Laboratory.
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X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer, (XRF) –A non-invasive lead paint testing device that can detect lead paint under multiple layers of new paint and wall paper. Certified technicians test all painted, coated, and shellacked structural surfaces. Surfaces such as walls, baseboards, moldings, windows and trim, doors and trim, ceilings, and all stair components are tested.

Paint Chip Sampling – Depending on the surface being tested, physical samples may need to be collected. The certified technician will collect a sample that includes all layers of paint, down to the substrate. The samples are then processed in the Laboratory.

Lead in Water Testing – Older plumbing pipes could be made of lead metals, or have lead soldering. In such cases, lead can leach into your drinking water. A certified technician will collect samples from each faucet in your home to test for hazardous lead levels. The samples are then processed in the laboratory.

Lead in Soil Testing – Exterior lead paint can chip and contaminate the dirt around your home, old lead pipes can also leach lead into your soil. Samples are taken and processed in the laboratory.


Our professionals use a safe practice to eliminate lead-based hazards. The EPA requires that individuals and firms who perform abatement projects to be certified and follow specific work practices. Lead hazards can become more dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. At Exclusive Testing Labs, Inc. our team has been certified by the EPA to safely remove and reduce lead hazards. We follow all the rules and regulations laid out by the EPA, listed below are some of the tactics that we use and that the EPA recommends. Depending on the surface, different methods are used.

Containment – Using a minimum of 6 millimeter plastic sheeting, we will create a double-walled barrier between the affected area and other parts of the home. We’ll seal off duct work and vents in order to prevent the spread of lead dust when cleaning and removing the material. 

Personal Protection Equipment – Our team will wear protective gear at all times when working.

Enclosure – Large flat surfaces, like walls, that are not prone to friction will be covered and completely enclosed with EPA-approved measures.

Encapsulation – Using a state- and EPA-approved special coating, surfaces that are not prone to friction are encased.

Paint Removal – All paint will be removed down to the substrate while using only EPA-approved methods. 

Removal and Replacement – Often times the best way to eradicate a lead-based paint hazard is to completely remove the contaminated surface. This method is typically used on windows, window frames, doors, door frames, and moldings.
If you’re moving into a new building or you’re trying to sell your current property, lead testing can help the real estate process move much faster. Or, if you simply need to put your worries to rest, please get in touch with us today for effective lead testing and containment services. 

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